Get fit with Pilates



Pilates is a must to enable good posture, our sessions target the specific core stabilising muscles improving strength, balance and flexibility. It is a gentle but challenging work out and therefore our instructors have been trained by the prestigious Australian physiotherapy and pilates institute, this enables the client receives a tailor-made programme that they can use anywhere and suits their specific lifestyle. Core exercises can suit any person no matter their age, gender or fitness level.


MD Physiotherapy offers:

  • 1:1 sessions 
  • Golflates - Hampton Court Palace Golf Club Thurs 8.45am
  • Group Home sessions are also available on request.

MD Physiotherapy also offers specific pilates classes to sports team - We have delivered sessions to women RFU, Twickenham and British Rowing, Hampton Rugby team, SWP school Rower and Netballers and thames turbo triathlon club. If you are looking for a class or programme for your specific sport then please contact : Mel 07816668390