Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Getting you back to the best you can be

How can Physiotherapy help?

MD Physiotherapy provides a premier service to all their clients aiming to treat, educate and enable the patient to become pain free as quickly as possible.  During the first assessment the patient has the time to talk and explain their injury to ensure they have the highest quality care. Treatments include hands on techniques as well as electrotherapy, taping, acupuncture and exercise prescription. Every client is provided with a personalised rehabilitation programme which is realistic to the patient's everyday time restrictions. 

Return to Fitness with physiotherapy

Access to Equipment matched with a Physiotherapist

At MD Physiotherapy our physiotherapists have obtained strength and conditioning qualifications but they are more than happy to liaise with your personnel trainers to assist in you reaching your goals.

Achievable Programs tailored to you

MD Physiotherapy also aim to ensure that any programme that is written is achievable in our clients busy lifestyle and not adding unnecessary stress to an already hectic timetable.

We can help you find a Personal Trainer if needed

MD physiotherapy has good links with local personal trainers and fitness groups such as Lemon body and if patients require it, we will assist you in finding the right trainer for you.