Aqua Therapy

aqua therapy gentle and relaxing

Benefits of Aqua Therapy


MD Physiotherapy believes that water has fantastic benefits for the body and mind. Hydrotherapy or Aquatic therapy is a great way to exercise but with reduced pain using the resistance and buoyancy of the water to enable a good workout. The properties of water also mean that it can help with circulation, therefore helping with stubborn swelling.

At MD Physiotherapy we are members of the CSP specialist aquatic Group the ATACP and the Worldwide aquatic bodyworks association (WABA). We have a keen interest in Watsu - this is a wonderful way to relax in water whilst mobilising stiff or painful joints. We have developed a treatment of aquatic massage using techniques we have learnt from our aquatic courses.

aqua therapy

We are able to offer:


Aquatic Massage at Teddinigton pool 

This has very limited availability and there is a surcharge for pool hire.

Home Aquatic Massage 

We are happy to offer home treatments, enabling complete relaxation and fully take advantage of the wonderful properties of water.